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Experience and discipline to help you pursue your goals

With more ways to invest than ever before, it can be difficult to make sure your money is working its hardest for you. While some brokers focus on individual transactions, as advisors, we look at your bigger financial picture. We work with you to develop a long-term investment strategy based on your goals, risk tolerance, and timeline. We'll minimize overlap and thoughtfully rebalance your portfolio to help maximize growth and help you pursue your goals. 


All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.


Being an independent advisor means we have access to the broadest array of products, investments and resources so that we can help you manage your assets with solutions specifically tailored to you. These include thought leadership on the latest detailed market information as well as investment perspectives, asset allocation strategies, and investment ideas and recommendations.

Cetera Advisor Networks

We are affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, one of the premier broker-dealers in the industry. As our broker-dealer, they are responsible for executing trades on your behalf. Like all broker-dealers, they must undergo regular auditing, and are required to meet specific net capital requirements to ensure it can meet its obligations to investors like you.

But their support for our relationship goes well beyond its function as trade executor. Our affiliation means that we are not held to a sales quota or tied to selling only proprietary products. We have the independence and freedom to recommend the financial solutions that best suit your needs, ensuring your objectives are what drive all decisions, while Cetera Advisor Networks’ network of people and resources help us pursue your unique goals and vision for the future.

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Cetera Market Perspectives

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Forward-looking macroeconomic research with a dedicated team of due diligence analysts

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Thoroughly address questions and concerns and timely perspectives and economic insights

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Disciplined investment process that is principled and focused on the long-term

        • Sightline - specialized series of commentaries that provide timely, comprehensive analysis of economic or investment-related topics.

        • Weekly Vantage Point - a summary of market performance, major events and news from the previous week.

        • Monthly Vantage Point - a summary of market performance, major events and news from the previous month. January, April, July and October feature a comprehensive recap of the previous business quarter.

        • Understanding How Financial Advisors are compensated
    Best-Performing Asset Classes

    Best-Performing Asset Classes

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    A Taxing Story: Capital Gains and Losses

    A Taxing Story: Capital Gains and Losses

    Understanding how capital gains are taxed may help you refine your investment strategies.
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